DomainsBot's Domain Sales Optimization Platform: your competitive advantage

DomainsBot is probably best known for making Name Suggestion popular in the domain industry. Ever since we started back in 2004, we have been working passionately to enable Registrars, Registries and Hosting Providers to help their customers find a great domain quickly and easily.

For our Partners, the results of our efforts have been pretty visible: our suggestions helped them grow their registrations by an average of 15%, with some of the best performers often reaching 25%.

How do we know this? The reason is simple: as an independent provider, we have always been very well aware that our success is directly dependent on the success of our Partners.

We also know that the point of a Name Suggestion tool is to help them sell more domains. Ultimately, It doesn't matter how flashy, quirky and pretty your suggestions look like, if the end-user does not buy them.

And because we take our Partners' business very seriously, DomainsBot is the only provider of Name Suggestion services to offer detailed performance reporting through a dedicated Dashboard.

Introducing the DomainsBot Domain Sales Optimization Platform

Beyond making the ROI of our service more visible, our obsession with analytics has a much more important effect.

Not only does our Name Suggestion make it extremely easy for our Partners' customers to find more and better domains faster across hundreds of different g- n- and ccTLDs and in 11 different languages. It also allows us to collect critical data that helps our Partners compete more efficiently.

Our Dashboard provides detailed information on conversion rates and on the performance of each individual TLD (making it easier to understand whether that last marketing campaign really paid off). Furthermore, it also gives our Partners a more accurate picture of their competitive landscape by showing which domains were searched for on their site and then registered with one of their competitors.

This is why referring to it simply as “Name Suggestion” now seems quite reductive, and we have started referring to it as the first “Domain Sales Optimization Platform” this industry has ever seen.

The DomainsBot Advantage

Domainsbot is the only player in the market to offer a complete domain sales optimization solution, bringing to a whole new level its leading name suggestion service.

  • An independent provider: we measure our success by the success of our Partners. The data we collect benefits our Partners, not just certain TLDs. Our system pushes what sells, period.
  • An analytics-first company, with 15 years of experience in helping leaders in the domain space grow and deliver value to their users.
  • Get the results without the sweat. Integrate 1 API call and enjoy the benefits of a system that constantly improves itself and delivers results without the need for you to invest time and resources.

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