From Puerto Rico to Rust, data is the answer

Over the past few months, we have noticed a growing number of Registries, Registrars and Hosters mentioning they want to be more data-driven. It’s exciting to see many of them finally realizing there must be a better way to focus their marketing resources on the efforts that provide the best ROI and help their business grow.

DomainsBot is already enabling many of the industry’s top players to sell more domains by helping them present to each customer the best suggestions, creating relationships that allow them to upsell a broad range of other high-margin services.

We are also providing them with detailed information about their customer base that ensures a personalization and precision in their sales and marketing effort. This makes for happier customers and increased revenue because a personalized offer with relevant services tends to drive better engagement and higher conversions than the old-fashioned “one-size-fits-all” newsletters.

Do you also wish you knew more about your customer base, how they use your services, what else do they need? Would this knowledge make it easier for you to grow? If you are ready to take this step too, DomainsBot is here to help.

Whether you are planning to attend the ICANN Meeting in Puerto Rico or Cloudfest in Rust, booking a meeting with a member of our team might be the smartest decision you make this year.

Meet DomainsBot at Namescon

Later this week, Our CSO Daniel and I will be making our way to Las Vegas to attend Namescon. It’s an event that has quickly become a “must-attend” and that nowadays attracts hundreds of domain professionals from all over the world.

Ironically, having to make the trek to Las Vegas every year for Namescon, inevitably makes me think of how many domain and hosting companies still tend to base their marketing strategies on the same gut feeling that usually is more associated with playing Blackjack.

It is very refreshing to see how this attitude is now quickly changing though. The number of companies in our space that are looking at getting a better understanding of the market is growing constantly. We are obviously happy to see many of them rely on tools such as the DomainsBot Name Suggestion and the domain analytics platform Pandalytics for that.

Using data and insights to run your business is a bit like counting cards: it gives you a great advantage on your competitors and helps you “win” more deals. And while I would not recommend using that approach at the Casino tables, it is perfectly legal (and a great idea) to do so when it comes to your marketing.

If you are interested in talking about how Domainsbot can help you run your domain and hosting business more efficiently, get in touch to book a face to face meeting with us.

See you in Vegas!

Chief Marketing Officer