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57% of domain searches are for a string that is unavailable in .com

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More than half of the domain searches today are for a string that is unavailable in .com. No wonder many people find the experience of searching for an available domain frustrating.

DomainsBot's Name Suggestion makes it extremely easy to fix this problem and ensure that your customers can always find a great available domain right away.

DomainsBot's solution is the only complete platform integrating the most powerful name suggestion engine on the market with detailed analytics to help you sell more domains and unlock more upsell opportunities.

  • Domain Name Suggestion

    • Relevant suggestions in 11 languages on every available gTLD, nTLD and ccTLD

    • Quick setup via API or with our WHMCS plugin

    • Don’t frustrate your customers: use our name suggestion to close the deal and unlock many great upsell opportunities

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  • Advanced Analytics Tool

    • Get your personalized Dashboard to access the critical information you need to help your business grow:

      • Monitor conversion rates

      • Track performance by TLD

      • Get an overview of your competitive landscape

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3 excellent reasons to work with DomainsBot

  • An independent provider: we measure our success by the success of our Partners. The data we collect benefits our Partners, not just certain TLDs. Our system pushes what sells, period.
  • An analytics-first company, with 15 years of experience in helping leaders in the domain space grow and deliver value to their users.
  • Get the results without the sweat. Integrate 1 API call and enjoy the benefits of a system that constantly improves itself and delivers results without the need for you to invest time and resources.

Successful Registrars choose DomainsBot

We know from experience that DomainsBot suggestions are great at driving increased domain name sales. DomainsBot is a key element in providing the best domain search API in the business

Elliott Noss
President and CEO, Tucows

Blacknight has been working with DomainsBot and their technology for the last few years. Being able to understand what a client wants and offer them domain name suggestions based on their ideas is a truly powerful thing.

Michele Neylon
President and CEO, Blacknight

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